Lighting Fast Small Business Hosting

Our servers are custom-built, by hand, translation: fast. These servers are babied in the way your website will be; they are watched over and cared for with proactive monitoring and  they are fully managed.

1 Yearly Payment with No Monthly Charges
For a small yearly payment, you get professional-grade hosting on our fully managed servers. No guesswork; just a fast, reliable, affordable site.

Yes, We Provide Free Migrations
Is your website stuck at your old hosting provider? You could let them win again, or you could take advantage of our complimentary migration service. Call us at 262-547-3700 for a free assessment.

Free Automatic Upgrades Keep You Up-to-Date
We’re constantly growing and so is our hosting environment. We frequently need more disk space, memory and bandwidth. The good news is that as we grow, you will grow with us. All current clients will level-up to the newest plans, free of additional charges. You’ll always be up-to-date for one low yearly cost, without even realizing it. Because that’s your hosting company’s job.

The Nitty Gritty

Every webhosting account comes with:

5 Gigs of SSD web space
3 Company Email Addresses
Route Optimized Bandwidth
cPanel Software
Upgraded & Remote Support Available

It all starts with a domain. Get that seedling in the ground and start growing a healthy website: enter your current domain below to transfer it, or you can enter a brand new one.

Get Started Today

A Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” If your small business doesn’t have a website, then you are in luck because it’s the second best time to build one! But in all honesty, the sooner, the better. And, part of building that website includes holding a place to store its webpages, audio, video and documents. These digital items make up a website, and they need a place to call home in their virtual world.

This is where our web hosting company can help. Our team has worked on thousands of websites over the years. Hosting is a complicated topic, but we make it simple.

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