The ABCs of Sales

We believe good website copy will act like a rich, decadent dessert that goes straight to the heads and hearts of your site’s visitors. It should delight, entertain and satisfy. And the really good stuff? It will wash over the pleasure center of their brain and inspire them to come back for more.

When someone lands on your page, you’ve got a couple seconds to get them feeling, smiling, laughing pondering, or even changing their mind. Your web copy should be the crowning jewel on your visually beautiful website, not just an afterthought or “space filler.” And more than that—copy holds, within its words and sentences, an often-underutilized sales tool.

You may have heard lately that content is King, and for good reason. Taglines, blog posts, website copy or ad copy, it doesn’t matter; it can all be highly enticing, attractive and shareable–if done right.

More Than Words

At the end of the day, you can’t just list your products and business hours and expect sales to come rolling in. You need to tell your story and share your vibe, because frankly, visitors have to catch your vision if they are going to convert. The fastest way to do that? Effective sales copy that’s creative and makes readers say “Mmmm.”

Get the Word Out

Around here, it’s always free sample day. Ask us for a taste!

We write sales copy and content for:

Email Marketing
E-Book Creation
Social Media Campaigns
Blog Posts

“Getting the word out” is more important than ever. In order to compete, your business needs build a library of content in its online space that can stand on its own, and most importantly: be of value to your customers.

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