Logo a Go-Go

Your company’s logo and associated branding represent so much more than just your company name. From the Greek “logos,” meaning “word,” the word “logogram” emerged in English—meaning a symbol or shortened word representing more words, phrases or ideas. When we see a familiar logo, no matter how tiny or simple, we think and feel things we associate with that brand.

If a customer gets a warm fuzzy, they proceed. If they recoil slightly, they bolt. Which is why your logo is so important. In fact, it may be the most important life-force your company can invest in. You might be surprised at the work involved—and incredible ROI potential of a custom, well-executed, easily recognized logo.

And this possibly goes more for logos than for anything else: the inverse always applies. So, if you want a logo, you want to do it right–from the start.

Custom Logos: the Way to Go

A true, custom logo requires commitment. After all, it is a part of you. The birth of a special, new logo has stages and takes time, and before it’s ready for the real world, you have to raise it with love and wisdom. The time involved depends on you, and your goals. We follow these steps to make sure we achieve those goals:

Meet with you to brainstorm
Hand-sketch ideas
Create black and white proofs
Review fonts
Add color
Finalize and publish

It’s a slow burn, but the results are worth it.

Basic Logos

The custom design and development process lends itself to creating a better logo, but if you’d like to get something more basic, we can put together some options for you with available fonts and images. The resulting logo will not be a custom, original concept, but this is a great option if you need a quick, good-looking logo.

Branding Services
After you’ve got your shiny new logo, you will want to show it off. Come to us for custom business cards, brochures, and flyers. Unique items like plastic business cards or coffee mugs are on the table, too.

Printable source files, design proofs and consulting are included with all logo design and branding services, when applicable. Reserve your custom logo as soon as you can to make your mark in the anthology of the advertising world. Ask us more about our creation process and options.

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